Land Development Plan Reviews

Land development is guided by ordinances covering zoning, floodplain management, erosion control and storm water management. These regulations are designed to:

  • Ensure that building activities comply with local land use plans.

  • Protect private property, wetlands, floodplains, creeks and lakes. 

Submit your plan for Land Development staff review.

Plan Submittal

Plans should be submitted through EPM. EPM is a web-based application that automates plan submission, intake, routing, review, approval and management of land development plans.

Questions? Call 980​-314-3234.

Use Accela for submitting:

  • Commercial plans.

  • Revisions to approved commercial plans.

  • Expedited Review of commercial plans.

  • Lot grading plans.

  • Residential subdivision plans.

  • Revisions to approved residential subdivision plans.

  • Post-Construction Ordinance concept plans for either residential or commercial subdivisions or individual commercial sites.

  • individual driveway plans.

  • Calculations for erosion control, pipe design, water quality BMP design and routing of storms.

  • Storm drainage as-built surveys.

  • Water quality and/or detention BMP as-built surveys.

  • Post-Construction Ordinance BMP as-built surveys

For sites in the six Mecklenburg County Towns and their spheres of influence, also known as Extra-Territorial Jurisdictions (ETJ).

Required for Concept/Sketch/Rezoning Review:

  • Plans and calculations must be sealed by professional designer

  • Address verification for plan submittal

  • Traffic Impact Study (TIS) when applicable (may require an additional fee)

  • Fee payment is required with first submittal

Required for Preliminary Construction Plan Review:

  • Plans and calculations must be sealed by professional designer

  • Financial Responsibility Form (must be notarized) for erosion review

  • BMP Inset tab​le  

  • Address verification for plan submittal

  • F​ee payment is required with first submittal

City of Charlotte Land Development uses Accela Citizen Access for electronic plan submittals. Accela is different from Electronic Plan Management.