retroFIT Floodproofing Program

retroFIT (Floodproofing ●  Improvements ● Together), is an element of Mecklenburg County's flood mitigation efforts. The purpose of the retroFIT program is to offer financial and technical assistance to owners that undertake flood damage reduction measures for existing buildings in the regulated floodplain.


Financial grants are available to reimburse 75-95% of eligible expenses for qualified floodproofing projects. The program is intended to assist floodplain property owners who may not be currently served by other mitigation efforts (e.g. creek restoration/mitigation projects and buyout programs) and are at risk for future flood losses.

Telephone: 980-314-3229

Who Qualifies?

Property owners in the FEMA floodplain whose dwelling can be modified to reduce or prevent future flood damages may be eligible. Qualified property owners receive technical assistance throughout the grant application process. Complete statutory eligibility requirements are available. 


Award Process

Qualified applicants will receive professional technical assistance throughout the grant application process. The RetroFIT Program consists of three phases – the Application Phase, Review and Assistance Phase, and Approval and Implementation Phase.

As part of the Application Phase, and throughout the year, CMSWS will reach out to floodplain property owners to increase awareness about the program. Property owners will be able to choose the floodproofing improvement(s) they hope to make as part of an Owner Interest Application. CMSWS will offer assistance to owners if they need help determining which of the flood damage reduction techniques would be effective in reducing future damage.

The Review and Assistance Phase will allow CMSWS to provide owners technical assistance and determine if the proposed project is viable. CMSWS will also determine whether improving the storm water system is not practically feasible or cost effective, and the improvements to private property are the minimum necessary to accomplish the storm water benefit. After CMSWS works with the owner and determines the project is viable, the owner will be required to submit formal Grant Application.

The Approval and Implementation Phase will include the selection of projects for funding, approval by the Storm Water Advisory Committee, and the execution of a contract between the owner and the County allowing the mitigation project to be successfully implemented by the property owner.

Types of Projects Funded