As-Built Survey

As-built surveys are required for:

  • Storm drainage

  • Impervious area (This survey will state the current square footage of impervious area on a specific site(s). The impervious area will be compared with the allowable amount allocated for the site(s) per the approved land development plan and associated regulation.)

  • Storm drainage BMPs

These as-built surveys with calculations (if applicable) must be submitted into Land Development’s Accela by a professional land surveyor and/or a professional engineer. The submitted plans and calculations must be sealed, signed and dated.

As-built survey general requirements and checklist can be found both in Section 10.0 and Appendix 10-1 of the Post-Construction Ordinance.

Common Reasons for Disapproval of As-Built Surveys

  • No Professional Land Surveyor seal on plan(s)

  • Pipe is less than 0.5% slope

  • The velocity at a discharge point is greater than five fps

  • Pipe slope differs greatly from design

  • There is less than two feet of coverage over a pipe and class 4 RCP pipe was not specified

  • The volume of the BMP is undersized

  • The BMP aquatic shelf is not within 1 to 1.5 feet below the permanent pool elevation

  • There is no access point or safety bench for equipment to get to the BMP when it needs maintenance

  • Outlet devices are not sized according to plans

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