Land Development to Switch from EPM to Accela in December

Mecklenburg County Land Development is implementing a new plan review system beginning in December 2023. We will be transitioning from EPM to Accela for all plan and plat reviews, floodplain and erosion control permits, as-built surveys, and bonds. All the business we formerly conducted in EPM will now be in Accela.  This does not apply to Code Enforcement, this is for Land Development only.

The Accela system is expected to go live on Dec. 11, 2023, for all Land Development customers. There will be a brief blackout period prior to this date to allow time to transfer all existing EPM project data and documents into the new Accela system. The beginning blackout date is Nov. 23.

A Customer User Guide (ACA – Citizen Access) on how to use the new system is available for assistance. This document walks customers through the plan, plat, and permit submittal process with step-by-step instructions.  

Documents uploaded into Accela must follow the new Electronic Document Submittal Standards. Some of the guidance from the previous system has been updated or changed. Please be sure to read and understand the standards before submission into Accela to avoid unnecessary delays in your review or permitting process.

As previously indicated, during the application blackout period, EPM projects will be transferred to Accela. All closed and in-flight projects will be moved to the new system. If you have existing projects in EPM at the time of cut-over, your projects will be available in Accela. To access your projects in Accela, you must create an Accela account. Instructions on how to create a new account and how to associate your new account to your existing projects (called the PIN record process) are available in the customer guidance document.

Video Tutorials

Uploading Plans and Documents

Finalizing and Submitting Your Review Package

Reviewing Issues, Conditions and Notes


Downloading Approved Documents

Submitting Revisions to Approved Plans